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Italian and Ominous – The Perfect Combo

The “H” in Huracán is almost silent, but the car itself is ear shattering. Funny coincidence, right? As we proudly welcome another bull into our stable, we ask ourselves the same question once again- “How many Lamborghinis is too many?”

The answer? There’s never enough! You try to be conservative like you’re at a fine dinner party with amazing hors d’oeuvres, but in the end, you have to indulge. Here’s our latest indulgence:


An absolutely immaculate 2015 Lamborghini Huracán. Ad Personam Alcantara interior in Nero and Arancio with the Lamborghini performance exhaust. Recently, this has been a car featured just about everywhere on the internet, and a TON of performance boutiques are modding these to make insane horsepower. Aesthetically speaking, this car is amazing out of the box, but groups like Novitec, Vorsteiner, and 1016 Industries are absolutely killing it when it comes to carbon fiber. Our biggest issue? Choosing what to put on our new addition!


Ever since we showed up at Motorcars of Georgia to pick up this stunning vehicle, I’ve been drooling over it and waiting with extreme anticipation to drive it! With the new dual-clutch transmission and upgraded 5.2L V10 we saw in the predecessor Gallardo, this thing is like a daily driver version of our Superleggera! Evolution in this series has led to a car that I’m completely infatuated with. What’s even more exciting is that we can expect a similar line of sub-models like we saw in the previous entry level platform. That means special colorways, track versions, and limited editions! All I can hope for is another “Edizione Tecnica” or “Technical Edition” like we currently own in a Gallardo. Completing this legacy would be integral in our collection process.

This vehicle not only signifies our commitment to Lamborghini and preserving the legacy of this platform, but also the continuous process of keeping an updated fleet to enjoy and present to our fellow enthusiasts! Stay tuned for updates regarding the Huracán, and see where we go!

Got any questions or want to see more behind the scenes? Drop me a line or check out Instagram!


Special thanks to Grant Van Brewer at Motorcars of Georgia for the excellent service and amazing selection! If you’re for something exclusive and exotic, look no further!


Form or Function?

Our “stance” on Forged Wheels.


One question I LOVE getting is “Factory or aftermarket?”, especially when it’s aftermarket! Since the dawn of cars, enthusiasts have been diligently finding unique ways to “ruin” their perfectly tuned and proportioned vehicles once they buy them. That’s some people’s opinion, at least. Within the last few years, however, us enthusiasts (or at least a small section) have educated ourselves and actually improved our cars! Hard to believe, right?

Aside from suspension tuning, forged engine internals, and a set of $20,000 carbon ceramic brakes, one of the best mods to start with is your wheel and tire setup. After all, that’s where the vast majority of your initial traction and handling comes from- Not to mention first impressions! How aggressive or “functional” you go is your decision though. In the exotic car world, finding that perfect balance can sometimes be challenging, but we’ve found companies to face this issue head-on.

My personal favorite since day one has been ADV.1 Wheels. (If you don’t know this already, just look at my hashtags and recent photos.) With an irreverent marketing strategy and aggressive business model, these guys continue to blow my mind and hundreds of thousands of other car enthusiasts. Based in Miami, this wheel boutique specializes in the craziest and most unique wheel setups you’ve ever seen. The best part? They’re actually beneficial to your car if properly sized and setup. Super light and ludicrously strong, their wheels are obvious choices for our high performance vehicles, the most popular being our Z06 and Technical Edition Lamborghini Superleggera.




Now, not to overshadow the other fine companies that make wheels for some of our projects, but it’s easy to see how one can get lost in the world of forged wheels. So this continues to beg the question: Why do we do this?

Well, like any obsessive group of enthusiasts, the crew at SPEEDWERKZ is in pursuit of a more aggressive yet usable stance on our vehicles. It just so happens that the more extreme looks add to the overall feel and performance of the car. Larger wheels mean thinner sidewalls, thus less roll is experienced in the corners. Three-piece designs also allow engineers to strengthen critical components all while managing to shed weight in the parts of the wheel that have always plagued the nimble vehicle. And since turning weight is one of the most important issues to focus on due to centrifugal force, it doesn’t take a physics lecture to justify the expense… right?! Given, some of this is just a facade to disguise an absolute obsession with lowered cars that have huge wheels and the deepest concave possible, but you can take solace in knowing that it’s for the greater good!

Photography: Chancey Perdue

Got any questions? Drop me a line! info@speedwerkztn.com or on Instagram: @tracekerns










SPEEDWERKZ x Via Corsa Photoshoot

So for the past two months, we’ve been working toward getting MASSIVE group of photos together for a special article in the Via Corsa Magazine. Via Corsa is a publication focuses on covering the best destinations for the traveling car enthusiast, so who better for us to team up with?! Our whole existence as car fanatics is based around finding the best places in the world to drive the most impressive cars. Finally, this past Monday, we went out and shot the final series of photos for this project.

The focus behind our joint effort with this article is to shed light not only on our operation, but what is possibly the best road in North America to enjoy driving exotics. Our vehicle choice? The Dodge Viper. Truly a beast in the curves, the 5th Generation viper is our weapon of choice. Nothing comes close to the perfect match of low-end torque and top-end power. For the main part of the photo shoot, we featured (2) 2017 Viper ACRs, (2) 1 of 10 Targa Top Conversion Vipers, (1) GTS, and (1) SRT viper. With a wide selection of suspension setups and driver experience, this made for an interesting trip! Even though we may not have all known each other very personally, I can tell you that this is the vehicle to bring a group together. United by originality and rarity, the Viper community is one that every car enthusiast should experience at one point or another!

Now to discuss the venue: US 129 “The Dragon’s Tail”

318 curves, 11 miles, and no second chances. This road is a cruel mistress, and don’t let it be mistaken. Though it provides for incredible photos, the inherent danger is quite obvious. With 4 deaths already this year and a total ban on tractor-trailers, it’s not hard to see that this is a road to be respected.

Now, even though this road has such a terrifying reputation, people still travel far and wide to test themselves and their vehicles on the road. Being a Tennessee native that grew up near this area, I can tell you that it’s one of the only memorable locations in the area to visit- Perhaps that’s part of the attraction, though. Total isolation and no outside influence (besides the Blount County Police) makes for an incredible, encompassing experience.

But to the good part…. The photos! I promise not to tease any more until the official magazine is out!

Questions or comments about this post? Drop me a line! info@speedwerkztn.com

Photograpgher: Chancey Perdue












The Ridiculously Powerful Daily Driver

This past Saturday, I did a walkthrough on one of the most anticipated supercars we’ve ordered yet! This Scuderia Red beauty showed up about two months ago and has enthralled me ever since. 740 BHP, 510 ft.lbs. of torque, and a redline at 8,700 RPMs make this car an absolute demon straight from the depths of hell! Even crazier than that? Ferrari expects you to use it as a daily driver.

This amalgamation of function and all-out power really is one of the most intoxicating cars I’ve had the pleasure of driving and taking care of. The crisp response of the hand-built V12 constantly reminds you that you’re inside the most powerful engines Ferrari has ever developed. In my opinion, this vehicle is perhaps the only european equivalent to the Dodge Viper that has ever been made. The “American Muscle” themed rear-wheel-drive setup along with a massive displacement front engine reminisces a time when you didn’t need turbos or superchargers- High compression and 93 octane was enough to scare you into leaving it parked between weekends, knowing that you needed time to recover from the mental breakdown you nearly had after you stomped on the throttle.

Aside from the analogies and colorful description, however, this car is serious. Don’t get fooled by the nostalgic Pininfarina design or seemingly outdated powertrain setup. This car means business, and I’m honestly let down to know that this is the last of a dying breed. Electric cars are cool with their “autopilot” and “zero carbon footprint”, but this car scares small children and local wildlife every time you rev it. So until this petroleum-fueled dream comes to a complete end, I’ll find solace in knowing that ludicrously overpowered works of art like this exist. Who’s really keeping up with MPGs anyway? I’m still busy trying to figure out how to get traction.

Questions or comments about this and the rest of our collection? Drop me a line! info@speedwerkztn.com or find me on Instagram: @tracekerns

Photographs: Chancey Perdue@yeschanceytookthis


img_0524 img_0567








SPEEDWERKZ Welcomes Another New Centerpiece!

As of October 2016, SPEEDWERKZ has added another spectacular British exotic to its’ stable! The new 2017 McLaren 675LT Spider is not only the replacement for the previous 650S, but is a culmination of every incredible piece of technology the Sport Series has to offer! Shown it the stunning Napier Green, this custom-spec’d supercar is absolutely jaw dropping. Boasting 675 metric horsepower (666HP) and 514 ft.lbs. of torque, this is the best McLaren has to offer from its tried and true M838TT platform. We’d like to thank everyone from McLaren Philadelphia for the excellent customer service and unparalleled buying experience! Make sure you check them out here.We can’t wait to see where the lineup goes from here! Until then, enjoy these awesome shots and complete walkthrough video at the bottom!

Have any questions about this vehicle or want to see it in person? Contact our curator: info@speedwerkztn.com

McLaren 675LT Spider